Breakdown of RTCM3 messages used by various manufacturers

Came across an interesting thread outlining successful fixes with different brands of GNSS equipment and required RTCM3 messages.


Hi @PotatoFarmer,

I see from that thread it worked for you too?

I use Emlid with trimble, and I get a fix with gps, glonass, and beidou. But I am not sure why it does not want to use Galileo in solution.

I know there also has been difficulty with Emlid and Topcon systems.

The poster has nicely laid out what messages are required for a fix with each system.

There was another kind of issue, but we’re working on that.

Hmm, maybe they required other frequencies or something like that.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

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My first thought was that its a Trimble and an expensive unlock may be required. The only reason to keep it now is it can put out 50hz, and brand compatibility checks.

10 reliable hz is really all that is needed to drive a tractor.

Wow, 50Hz. If 10Hz is enough to drive a tractor, what’s the use case for 50Hz?

4th gear and a storm’s a coming! :smile:


Yes about 300km/h+ applications, airplanes, race cars.

And Lawnmowers lol!


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