Booting the reach M2 with 5V and gnd

Hi Emlid community
I am currently doing a project involving the Reach M2. My initial thought was to power the reach M2 using a 5 volt battery and connect it with a micro usb cable. However, I can see that only the red LED is turned on, when I have only connected ground and 5V and disconnected the datawires in the micro usb cable. Do all 4 wires in the micro usb have to be connected in order for the Reach M2 to work?
The Reach works fine, when it is connected to my PC with all wires connected.


Hi @dn23lt,

There can be several options of why Reach M2 doesn’t work from the battery:

  1. You can check the battery itself because only the red LED lights up when M2 lacks power;
  2. Check the cable on any malfunctions or try to use another cable with all wires.

Also, you can check a specific page with power supply recommendations in our docs; it might be helpful for you.

Please keep me updated on your progress.

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