Board is heating up and no LED flash

I bought two used units.
When I was testing, I found that one of them is warming up near the USB port and there is no LED lights.
Does the electronic board is burned? Is it possible to be repaired?

That sounds like a burned unit. Please contact the seller as he sent you a faulty unit.

Thanks Igor.
I powered via DF13 and one blue Led started blinking. But I was unable to connect to WiFI. There is no “reach:xxxxx” network.
I imagine that the problem is on USB port.
Any suggestion?

There are many things that could be malfunctioning. It is not possible to help based on the description. If you are good with SMD soldering you can try to reflow the components near the USB socket, but this is completely at your own risk. There is also a chance that something has been burned by the previous owner and some components require replacement.