Bluetooth Unstable and Disconnecting on Android OnePlus 6T

The Bluetooth connection from my Android OnePlus 6T to the Emlid RS2 has been unstable and disconnecting from the Emlid RS2. I am using the Emlid Flow app.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and know how to rectify it?

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I have been unable to connect to my RS2 & RS2+ for many months now using many android devices via Emlid Flow over BT/BLE.
Only the WiFi connection works and sometimes the connection “disappears”.
Only way to reconnect is to restart the receiver.

Ironically, my Field Genius Android on these same devices collects data from the Emlids flawlessly over Bluetooth


Hi Iain,

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  • Do you have another mobile device to check?
  • Are you using the latest Emlid Flow version?
  • Does the issue happen with the Wi-Fi connection?


  • Does the issue happen with a particular mobile device or a different one?
  • Does it happen with a certain Wi-Fi connection? Do you have a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection or a combined 2.4/5 GHz connection?

It happens with multiple devices. also, same behavior is observed with both the RS2 & the RS2+

It happens with my home WiFi, work WiFi and also my mobile phone hotspot

The home & work wifi routers are combined 2.4/5GHz routers but I only pair them with the 2.4 GHz channel. The phone must be 2.4 since it connects to the receivers - right? The phone is a Samsung Galaxy A22


  • Do I understand correctly that 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections are named differently?
  • When these disconnections happen, do you see the device in any network monitoring software? You can use Fing, for example. If you can see them, please try to connect to the Reach Panel.
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Yes - they are clearly distinguishable

I have not tried that.
Will download and let you know

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