Bluetooth streaming with corrections & geoid?

I’m eagerly waiting to have geometry support in reachview :).

for the time being, I’ll try to work with qfield to stake out points on construction sites.
I seem to be able to stream position data via bluetooth to qfield and it seems the position is corrected.

what is not correct is the altitude. is there any way to stream corrected position data with a selected geoid to have the same data as in a project in reachview?

or do I need to provide a geoid directly in qfield in any case?

thank you for any pointers!


I’m not familiar with Qfield, but seems the geoid file would need to be used within Qfield to get orthometric height or other than just ellipsoidal height?

Hi @baugestalt,

We note all of the requests :wink: Once there’s news, I’ll be in touch.

In terms of position output, the position is corrected in RTK. If we’re talking about the NMEA output, then the height value has two parts: the geoid height and the geoid separation. To obtain ellipsoidal height, you need to combine both. By default, we use EGM96 geoid, there’s no way to change it.

I’m not familiar with QField, but it would seem logical that you can apply the geoid inside the app once you have an established data stream from the device. Alternatively, you can collect the points in ReachView 3 in the desired datum and then export this project to the desired tool in CSV, for example.

hi polina

thanks for your reply and clarification. that makes sense. I’ll have to try and find the correct grid shift/geoid to add to qfield.

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