Bluetooth joystick without GCS

I done a bit of search and seems the main use case is Joystick + MAVLINK via GCS.

However what I am looking for is to connect Joystick to RPi via Bluetooth directly - and somehow emulate the Rx.

I’ve done this exercise on RPi + PS3 controller before - and I was able to control a rover - without Navio 2 - using self-written program.

Question: how can I integrate Linux Joystick input with Arducopter on RPi (Emlid image)?

Thank you.

Hi @anton.pryamostanov,

Why do you require a BT connection?
Have you seen this guide from ArduPilot docs?

Have you seen this guide from ArduPilot docs

Yes, but it requires GCS. I want to connect Joystick directly to RPi, without MAVLINK RC override.

Why do you require a BT connection

In auto mode, during takeoff, sometimes drone rotates and is having deviation in course until first Way Point - thus I want to be able just to slightly change drone course on short range using cheap Bluetooth joystick, without GCS.


I’m afraid you hardly find a ready solution for this kind of integration.
It’s possible, somebody from our users will help you with that though.

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Got it. I have another idea now though - Bluetooth-RC 2.4 GHz bridge.

In fact a combination of Bluetooth controller + small switch addon + Bluetooth-2.4GHz transmitter bridge will kill the whole overpriced RC transmitter industry.

It will cost around 50$ and could be used with any Bluetooth controllers.

Emlid can contact me for being program manager for this project :slight_smile:

On a serious note: it would be a ‘must have’ accessory.

Hi @anton.pryamostanov,

It’d be great if you share the results here after you finish that :slightly_smiling_face:

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