Bluetooth GPS output to Trimble Juno

We have two Trimble Juno 3B units (running Windows Mobile), and we’d like to use the Reach RS RTK Bluetooth output as the GPS input for one of these units. I’ve been able to get the Juno to pair successfully with the Reach RS unit (shows up as paired on the WiFi/Bluetooth settings page), but it refuses to connect. On every attempt, I get the error message “Your device did not connect with ROVER1. The connection failed, or the passcode is incorrect.” I’ve tried many different configurations of passcode and Bluetooth output settings, all without success. Connecting the Reach RS to my Android phone via Bluetooth does work. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate them.

Hi. I don’t consider these two suggestions to likely be the solution but you could try them.
1.Make sure you’re attempting to hook up outdoors or at least where you have a position output from your rover. I have had trouble with that but I don’t have a juno.
2.can you input nmea string via USB cable or serial into your juno instead of bluetooth?
which software are you running on your juno. I’d be interested in trying Trimble software if it’s available in trial version.

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Well, I’ve made progress. If I only select the Serial Port connection option, it won’t connect. If I also select the Wireless Stereo and Hands Free options, it does connect successfully. I then assign an outgoing COM port to that connection (as per Trimble’s instructions). I then go to Trimble Terrasync, and select that COM port as the input source for a GPS location. It attempts to obtain the GPS position from that port (the little icon that shows two serial connectors trying to mate), and after about 20 seconds fails. It then breaks the Bluetooth connection between the Trimble and the Reach RS, so that I have to go back into the Bluetooth settings on the Trimble to re-connect.

I also have a demo copy of ArcPad on my Trimble, and I am able to successfully use the Reach RS Bluetooth connection to acquire a GPS position in that software. This suggests that there’s some peculiarity in the Trimble Terrasync software that’s making it choke on the Bluetooth serial input from the Reach RS.

I’m definitely getting a position output from the Reach - I’m monitoring it on the web app. And as I mention in the follow-up post, the Bluetooth GPS connection does work in ESRI’s ArcPad app (there’s a demo version of this that’s fully functional for 20 minutes at a time).

There’s no way to input the NMEA string via a hardwired USB cable, though that wouldn’t really be practical.

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