Bluetooth Connection Reach - Android 8

(Dave Pitman) #1

Hi Guys,

From the docs, I paired my phone (Google Pixel on Android 8) to the Reach module (on 2.14.0) and changed the output to Bluetooth/NMEA.

Tried using 2 different apps, Bluetooth GPS and Mapit, to check and neither receives any data.
Mock GPS in the phone is setup fine and I can input data from a Garmin Glo without issue.

What do I have wrong, please?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi Dave,

May I ask you to try it another time with Lefebure app?

Please inform me about the result.

Do you observe the same issue with the different mobile phone?

(Dave Pitman) #4

Hi Tatiana,

I was able to get data into Mapit GIS after more tries.

A couple of things.

  1. Can you tell me what is meant by "send error (111) in the output - bluetooth screen?

  2. With a reboot of Reach, the exiting instance of Reach in the phone’s paired bluetooth list is ignored and a new identical instance is created. That doesn’t happen with any of my other bluetooth devices. Is Reach dynamically changing it’s address at reboot or what could be causing this?

Thank you,

(Tatiana Andreeva) #5

Hi @dpitman,

It means there is no data transmitted over the BT connection.

Could you try to connect Reach to another phone using BT? Please let me know if this behaviour persists with another phone.

(Dave Pitman) #7

Hi Tatiana,

I have not had time play with this for awhile. I believe the “send error (111)” is not correct, or is a bug. I have been having success with connecting Reach with Mapit GIS over BT. The Mapit app says it will only work if receiving NMEA sentences, so I’m assuming that the Reach module must be doing that despite showing the error message. Perhaps it is some other problem that the error code is trying to convey?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #9

Hi Dave,

I don’t think it’s a bug. Anyway, what’s the ReachView version you use?

(Dave Pitman) #10

Currently 2.16.1 It was the same on 2.14
I don’t know how to verify that it is outputting NMEA sentences but Mapit seems happy and it’s docs say it won’t work without that. So maybe the error is referring to something else?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #11

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I’ve tried to reproduce your issue, however, Reach M+ connected to Mapit GIS via BT without any problems. I used Samsung Galaxy tab A with Android 8.1 version.

May I ask you to check if the issue remains with another Android device?