Bluetooth Connection from RS+ to Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is Not Stable

Bluetooth Connection from RS+(Firmware 26.6) to My Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3(running Android 11) is not stable. I have come across related experiences on this platform, but I could not find any definitive resolution.

Hi @mael,

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I see that you use a pretty old firmware version. Since then, we’ve added many new features and improvements to the firmware, including improved Bluetooth connection stability. So please update your Reach RS+ to the latest stable 28.4 version and check if it helps.

Hi @mael,

How is it going? Have you had a chance to update the Reach RS+ to 28.4?

Yes, I have updated the Reach RS+ to 28.4 without any problem. I will get back to you with confirmation after I do the Bluetooth connection testing.

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Great! Waiting for the results of your tests.


The Bluetooth connection from Galaxy Tab Active 3 to RS+ is now working perfectly. Since I updated the firmware I thought I might as well update the ReachView3 App to the latest version[From Play Store], and now I am having a problem with ReachView3 not showing RS+ devices sometimes. Thanks for your support.