Bluetooth connection and serial output to windows 10

I am trying to establish a bluetooth connection to a windows 10 tablet to enable nmea serial data transfer. I have my Reach RS2+ outside with a fixed solution. It has a SIM card and is configured to receive CORS NTRIP corrections.
I’m not able to establish a bluetooth connection to the windows tablet for some reason.
I have bluetooth turned on in the Reachview3 app.
Bluetooth is turned on in the tablet and it is discoverable.
In windows 10, I click on ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ to initiate the connection but the Reach never appears as a device. This occurs even when the tablet is in close proximity to the Reach.
Can anyone suggest some steps or troubleshooting guide please?

Hi Mick,

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Have you checked Reach’s availability with other devices? For instance, you can test whether it’s visible in Bluetooth settings on your personal mobile phone. If you have an Android device, please check Bluetooth connection via Lefebure app according to our guide.

Furthermore, please send me the Full system report from the receiver. I’ll check the Bluetooth log to find out the possible reason for that. You can do it via PM or via since there can be a sensitive data.

Hi Kirill,
I am able to connect my iPhone to the Reach by bluetooth. I have also been able to connect my tablet to desk computer via bluetooth as well. So both the Reach and the Tablet appear to have functional bluetooth - they just won’t recognise each other.
The tablet is a Topcon FC-5000 (a rebranded Mesa 2) running windows 10.
I will send the FSR separately.

OK status update. I managed to get bluetooth data through to the tablet. I’d like to say that I figured out what the problem was, but I’m not sure. It started working after pairing and unpairing both the Reach and the Tablet from various devices. Now that I have an established connection it seems stable.

Tip: reach will only connect to one device at a time via Bluetooth

Thanks, I don’t think that was the issue here as I was careful to ‘forget this device’ each time I tried a different pairing.

Hi Mick,

Glad that it did that trick! Removing known devices from the list indeed may help in similar cases.

I also checked the Bluetooth log from the Full system report. It seems like the tablet sent connection requests, but Reach didn’t receive them. However, you said that Reach wasn’t visible in Bluetooth settings on the tablet. And it looks really weird.

Please send me the Full system report after successful Bluetooth connection. I’ll show both reports to the team to compare the device’s behavior in these scenarios.


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