Blue tooth conection problema NMEA write error

Good morning;

I am having a problem with my recently purchased rs+.

I have managed to configure everything but I can’t get it to connect via BT to the phone, it discovers the device but doesn’t connect and in the NMEA settings of the output it says write error. The hz are all set to 1 both in the NMEA setting and in the rtk settings of base and rover, I have tried other options 5 and 1, 5 and 5 and it doesn’t work either.

If anyone could help me it would be appreciated.

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Hi Martin,

Let’s see how we can sort this out. What phone are you using to connect to RS+ via Bluetooth?

Hi Liudmila;

I send you the info in image.

Hi Martin,

Got it, thanks! What happens when you tap the name of the Reach device in the Bluetooth settings of your phone? Does it suggest pairing the device like in this guide?

Hi Liudmila

The device appears as discoverable, it enters the list of paired devices, but nothing happens when you press it, it never asks for the pin number, it doesn’t react.

Hi Martin,

Let’s clear the list of paired devices in the phone’s Bluetooth settings. I suggest clearing your Android device’s Bluetooth cache. Please also forget all the paired devices in ReachView 3. After that, try to initiate the connection once again.

Let me know how it works for you.

Hi Liudmila;

The warranty officer of the company that sold it to me recommended the same thing and also to restore the factory settings.

It still doesn’t work.

Thanks for your time

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your patience!

Can you please share a Full system report from the receiver? Please, before that try to establish the Bluetooth connection as you usually do. Make several attempts. After that, generate the Full system report and send it to The logs will record the attempts you made and we’ll be able to see whether there’s something wrong on Reach’s side.

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