Blown Chip


I have mistakenly plugged my M2 into a 12v supply it wasn’t happy I need to identify the blown chip on the main board, I contacted support Elena sent a reply but apparently they are very busy I have attached an image its probably going to be dead but its worth a try

Hi Jed,

Oh, it does seem that not only the chip was damaged but also some other surrounding components. Elena is probably talking to our electrical engineers about what we can suggest in this case. She will be back once there is news!

The other components are fine its just fibers :+1:

Hi Jed,

I’m writing to you so that you don’t worry that we forgot about your Reach M2. We are still looking for a suitable solution for it.

Hi Jed,

I come back to you with the news. In this case, we can barely repair your Reach M2. However, you can consult the closest dealer. I believe the electrical specialist can examine it and help with repairs. If you tell me where you are from, I can give you information about dealers nearby. Also, you can find the appropriate dealer yourself from this list and contact them.

Hi Elena

Thanks for the reply I am an electrical specialist it would take 2 mins to replace but I still need the part identification I’m not asking for the complete schematic



We have a conversation by email. Please check my reply there.

All sorted now thanks

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