BLHeli pass through from RPI

I’m trying to trouble my ESCs ( BLHeli ) through BLHeli suite. I see that it can be done only through USB which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work with Navio2. Is there an alternate way to connect BLHeli suite to troubleshoot / configure the ESCs?

I tried to follow the instructions outlined in the below link

Hi Hesh,

Have you tried to go through the ESCs calibration and RC calibration?

Could you please provide us with your step-by-step actions so we can understand on which step you faced an issue?

Hi Tatiana,

Yes, I did try the ESC calibration as outlined in the link you had mentioned. I was merely wondering if there is way to connect to BLHeli Suite. For example I connect to the GSC through UDP localip:144550 . Hope this clarifies.

Hi Hesh,

May I ask you to connect ESCs to the receiver directly to check if the signal from RC transmitter may affect it? It’s needed to eliminate the possibility that something is wrong with these ESCs.

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