BLE GATT Service

It looks like RS2 supports only classic bluetooth SPP for incoming corrections and outgoing NMEA. Any plans to include a BLE GATT service? There is enough throughput via. Bluetooth 4.0 for RTCM 3 corrections. When seeing Bluetooth 4.0 in specs I was expecting support for it.


Hi Cyrus,

We don’t have plans on implementing it in the nearest future. However, thanks for your request! It’s noted.

I’m also very interested in having Bluetooth LE capability with the RS2 and M2 for position output.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your request. I’ll discuss it with the team.

Just want to add that Reach RS2/M2 can output its position to Android devices via Bluetooth. You can check this guide to know more about Position streaming from our docs.

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