Blackview phones with RS2 - Opinion


I´m looking for an android device to use with the RS2. What do you think of the BV6000 and BV6800 Pro Blackview phones?

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Hi @Max_Uav,

Usually, most of the Android devices running version 5.01 and higher should work fine with Reach.

I have the BV9500 and the BV9800 Pro… They work very well, especially with a survey pole attachment bracket.

The FLIR integrated into the BV9800 Pro is very nice to have as well…

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Thanks for your answers @anastasiia.iusupova and @DetritalGeo.

I think I’ll go with the BV6000.

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I forgot I also have one of those.

It is pretty good but has a much smaller screen. It is definitely a good device to test the workflow as it is cheaper.

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I have been using one of these. Huge battery!