"Blackbox" with Navio for land based rovers

Hi there!

Hopefully, this is in the right place, and I haven’t missed any similar projects in my search on the forum. Please treat this as more of a project announcement, than an actual show and tell.

I am planning on creating a data logging system with a live output (probably over websockets) to a screen for visualisation of an RTK disciplined rover black box. I would like to use Navio as a sensor platform as it has everything I need in addition to the GPS to gather orientation, acceleration, etc.

I expect to build a custom Python application to handle the data gathering, RTKLib integration and data serving duties. I was initially planning on using the Reach system, but it seems the IMU portion of it is not yet fully implemented, I am also significantly more comfortable with Pi’s and Arduinos than I am with the Intel offerings.

Broadly speaking the hardware will be identical in both the rover and base, bar the casing form factor, and I am (currently) intending to use the cellular network to backhaul the corrections via RTK2Go. I am aware that the useful baseline range is about 10km but it’s more because I am aiming to use this system in an urban environment, and I doubt I can keep a LoRa or other RF system connected.

If you have any comments or critiques, I would appreciate them. Thanks for reading this far!