BL_Heli32 pass-through and telemetry

Hi. I got some bl_heli32 escs and was wodering how to use them with the navio2?


First of all i don’t find the xx_BLH_xx parameters, so i guess they are not supported?

any tips is appreciated:)


Daniel, do you know how to build the new 4.0 arducopter into the Navio

No @Barry_Bolton , i have not looked into building it. i can probably figure it out if i need to. Do i need to build a newer version?

No, did not help to build the v4 version…

any comments from Emlid team, is it possible to use these esc’s?

am i the only one with this problem?

Hi Daniel,

Navio2 doesn’t support DShot in the meantime. Have you tried configuring the standard PWM protocol?

No, not on these esc’s. I guess i can use oneshot125?

Any plans on supporting dshot?


Hi Daniel,

I’m afraid OneShot125 status is the same as DShot.

We’re considering adding OneShot support in the future. However, I can’t provide you with ETA at this time.

What about multishot? Or at least can you tell us what ESC’s protocols the Navio image does support?

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Second question. Why would you not include this into the Navio2 build as they are natively supported in the Ardupilot firmware?

Hi Barry,

It seems that different ESCs protocols require different PWM output frequencies. The PWM frequency is controlled by STM using the RCIO code. So to make these protocols work, we need to change the PWM frequency. Some additional development is needed for their implementation.

At the moment, Navio2 supports PWM only. Regarding MultiShot, we’ll consider support for this as well.

Sounds absurd to me that it just be left out of the code? Such an important diagnostic tool that is missing from our flights.

hi danper. i use T-Motor BLHeli32 30A and i calibrate with arduino and i used the orgiginal program of blheli. lust one of my motor didn’t work. and these days i’trying to fix the problem.

Hi Mesut. I agree, I don’t really use Navio2 to set up my BLHeli_32 ESC’s, I use a Arduino Nano and 2 female to male jumper wires. There is a good tutorial on U-tube, watch it carefully for the BLHeli32 Suite settings. You don’t need the Arduino IDE installed, the Suite programmes it. I just pull each ESC control from the Navio2, plug the Arduino wires in, program it with the suite, and plug it back into the Navio2. And this is under Linux.

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Thanks for sharing your workarounds. However, please be careful with this, since Navio2 still fully supports PWM ESCs only.

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