BirdsEyeView Pixhawk running AvA with M+ or dual hot shoe adaptor for Sony A6000

Hi all

We have a BirdsEyeView FireFLY6 ProUAV which runs AvA on Pixhawk. We are using a SonyA6000 which is integrated via its hot-shoe connector already.

I am wondering how we get PPK ability on this UAV. I think my options are
a) find some kind of dual hot shoe adaptor for the a6000 and connect a M+ (does anyone know if this would work?)
b) integrate the M+ with the Pixhawk. Does anyone know if it can be integrated with AvA the same way as Ardupilot (and have instructions to do so?).

Otherwise I am tempted to unconnected the I hot shoe adaptor from the A6000 to the UAV, connect up a M+ (or M2) and just set the A6000 to automatically trigger every X seconds and hope for the best. But this seems a bit prehistoric.

Is AVA used for triggering waypoint events and thus when to take the image?

I believe so

I haven’t heard about hotshoe triggering the camera. The 6000 has a Multiport (looks like a micro usb with 10 pins instead of 5) that can be used to trigger from the autopilot. Seagull, among other companies have a module for this.

Indeed… the hot-shoe is to be considered output. For triggering of the camera you need another port on the camera.

Regardless, does anyone know of a way to get a “double adapter” or whatever for the port that is used to trigger the camera… the UAV plugs into the hot shoe as well as the USB port (same as an older Samsung phone) on the side… I would like to find a way to hook up an Emlid M2 or M+, preferably without having to tie the Emlid into the autopilot, program it etc… (probably above my skills)

What is the UAV using the hotshoe signal for?

@rtfraser86 make a picture of the adapter and the pixhawk inputs an post it. If ca,era feedback is available for the pixhawk you can make an y-cable to connect the Reach module. Works well, I do that too.

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Searching for double hot shoe adapter on google gives me several results, no idea if it works:

Hi Reece,

The hot shoe connection is needed to collect precise time marks, not to trigger the camera. In case you know how to get the camera’s feedback another way, you may create a custom cable for it.

We haven’t tested the dual hot shoe adapters. Hopefully, someone from our users who tried it can advise something.

There are several triggering options you can use:

  • If you need triggering at unregular intervals, you can do it via autopilot. Autopilot can trigger the shutter each time the drone reaches a waypoint.

  • Some cameras support the Timelapse feature that allows taking a photo at regular intervals. If your camera provides this option, we recommend using it as it’s the most straightforward way to trigger the camera.

  • Reach can trigger the camera at regular intervals using the Trigger pin on the C1 port. Please note that you’ll need to create a custom cable for it.

To learn more about these options, you can check out our Camera Control guide.

I would like to confirm that Reach can be integrated with Pixhawk flight controllers fine. However, please note that it isn’t required for PPK mapping.

UPD: Changed the order of the triggering options to make the priority clearer

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