Bide and TB`s thread nr 10k party :D




10,000 threads in the community forum! That’s a milestone!

…what about 10,000 posts in the 10,000th thread?


Wohaaa. 10.000 threads with awesome stuff… Eh 9999, i guess this kitten thread isn’t good info :joy: :rofl:
Anyways congratz :tada:



celebration time! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:


Just in time. I hear the new RS+ is flying all around in the world now :blush:


Indeed, it is!!! :smiley:

(Luke Wijnberg) #108

You guys have too much time to spend indoors!

(Christian GrĂĽner) #109

Uh, the envy is great with this one !
When did you order?


I don’t remember exactly, but it was soon enough that I could have been the first or really close to that :grin:
(real logo, but false colour in case you were wondering)


(Igor Vereninov) #111

Congratulations on the milestone!

(this is my favorite cat party pic)


Not always. Sometimes we get outside to perform simulated signal degradation tests and GNSS signal penetration through certain felines.

(Luke Wijnberg) #113

Heck, I really laughed loudly at this!!!


Hmmm. :thinking: This pic also seems somewhat related to a certain product release and it’s eager user base. :wink:

I also just noticed that it is related to Attack of the clones!.


Got company the other day :heart_eyes:


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