Better formats of NMEA or LLH or XYZ

which is the best format (NMEA or LLH or XYZ) to get accuracy in RTK? and also explain advantages and drawbacks .
Thank you

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  • NMEA will contain less information, and the information is broken into different “message types.” It is a good file format for compatibility with other software programs, especially older ones.
  • LLH and XYZ will contain the most information.
    • XYZ is the native calculation format. 0,0,0 is the center of mass of the earth, and so earth’s surface is not known, nor is there a sense of level or plumb in the coordinates.
    • XYZ is better for modeling spatial data in 3D, or for transformation into a different coordinate system
    • LLH is transformed from earth-centered XYZ onto the WGS84 ellipsoid which approximates the surface of the earth. 0,0,0 is a place on the suface of the earth (or approximately at the surface).
    • LLH is better for GIS, surveying, navigation by land air or sea, and gives a sense of level and plumb because H is given as altitude.

All of my solution data are in saved in LLH format.

You may want to save your data as XYZ and then use another software program to transform that into your local coordinate reference system.


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