Better antenna/quality for RTK module

We are using two RTK modules - one as a rover and the second one as the base. The problem is that we only get fix for about 10-20%. We are working in Estonia. It’s an open field, so no obstacles and the surface is flat. So, are there any better antennas we could try? Or could having Reach RS as a base improve the quality?

I have searched the forum and checked for different configuration. I saw a discussion about TW3710 antenna. But didn’t see the actual results. Would someone recommend buying a special antenna? Or is the standard shipping with the module enough?

What would be a “normal” ratio of fix status? Should it be over 50%? Near 80%?


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In the field it should extremely easy to obtain fix. I would start with antenna placement, then enable all available GNSS. If that does not help, then something is wrong with the correction link. What kind of link do you use?

The base is on the ground. The metal plate is less than 10 cm, will try to change that.
We use vpn over 4G and wifi to connect the rover and the base. This probably has some overhead.

another thing: we use one 2m extension cable for antenna. I think we even need an additional 2m extension (so we will end up 2 extension cables). How much this affects the signal?

Please share a system report(In the gear tab starting with v2.10.0). If you are using an NTRIP caster, make sure GLONASS AR is turned off.

I think this could be the main reason. Please install base station on a tripod.

Tere. Mul on Reach RS olemas, kui tahad proovida saavutada RS-ga paremat fix-i, siis kirjuta mulle sõnumisse.

Could you please expand on why this is.

I have had problems in the past with keeping a FIX during my surveys, starting this pas Tuesday, I turned off GLONASS AR and I have no issues at all now. I am using RTK2Go caster.


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