Beta testers for android mobile APP reach

Sharing your project, please try to follow the plan:

  1. aRTiK easy
  2. We have been using drones for RTK corrected topographic surveys. We made an APP to help manage and collect ground control points using one reach unit as a rover (on a stick)
  3. Looking for beta testers that have already setup one of the reach units for ground control collection or willing to set up one the reach units for the purpose of beta testing.

The mobile APP uses the mobile phone to gather a ground control point, we use the mobile phone to take pictures of the ground control point for future reference and manages the data on a project basis.

We will provide an android mobile app.

Please get in touch with a reply in this forum


I’m interested!

hello ,
we would be interested

I would be interested.
Currently I use Cybertracker on Android and Mapit if I am working with Reach + a TruPulse360B laser.
I would like the functionality of Mapit with the cascading forms ability of Cybertracker so that I can map for orienterring better.

Im interested to test your app. Im using professional topographer app now.

I replied a while back, any progress?

very interested