Best way to connect rs2 to laptop in machine

Today I was out levelling and filling in an old ditch, the RS2 was mounted on the back and it works well except the distance from the RS2 to my Dell 7212 with FieldGenius on it is just a little too far at times and the connection drops. I was wondering what the best other way to connect the Rs2 is? USB? Serial cable or can I run it through wifi somehow? I have USB c and normal USB ports as well as a micro serial port on my Dell. Any input?


How are you getting corrections to your Rover?

In my application I am connecting to an Ag monitor not a laptop. I used this

put a Deutsch connector on the end and made my own extension cable. Nice thing is, the monitor also supplies power and turns the unit on/off. Don’t think you can do the last part with a laptop but the cable should work well. You might have to incorporate a usb to serial adapter.

Hi Ian,

The Bluetooth range is indeed not so long. However, we haven’t tested other connection options with FeildGenius, so I can hardly comment on how it works.

In general, Reach supports outputting its position via USB and TCP. However, TCP is not a long-range option as well. Probably, it worth testing the solution that @jp-drain-sol suggested.

My friend @bide made me this cable . works awesome

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Similar to mine but being in the elements is why I went with a Deutsch connector instead of a DB9.
Both ends of mine are Deutsch (male plug on the monitor side, female on the globe side with a matching male on the 2m cable attached above) as that is what mates with the Trimble monitor. Also, my extension is 30 feet long. If I do not need the extension the cable plugs directly into my Trimble monitor.

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