Best way to connect an RS2+ to an AT&T iPad with Verizon Hotspot?

My RS2+ has an AT&T SIM Card. My iPad and iPhone are both AT&T mobile devices. I carry a Verizon hotspot with me when needed. Based on a site visit, I have a 500 acre project coming up that requires both AT&T and Verizon. Some areas have AT&T service and others have Verizon service and no AT&T service. I am struggling how to connect all of the devices up so I can have internet services on both my RS2+ and my iPad. There may be an obvious workflow but I can work one out. Thoughts/Suggestions?

Mike Allison

Wow that’s a lot of service lines! I completely understand because I was in the same boat for a while considering I am doing office work in the field and managing both Survey and Drone programs. I have my phone (data collector) as a hotspot but we ended up going with Inseego Wireless routers through Verizon. I throws way further than any mobile device or little MiFi but the best part is that it has a battery like a MiFi that I can throw it in my safety vest pocket and walk on.

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Hi Mike,

I think you can switch between both providers the following way. You can provide Reach with internet using AT&T SIM card. When you come to the area where AT&T isn’t available, but Verizon is, you can switch both Reach RS2+ and iPad to Verizon hotspot.

Is it a mobile router broadcasting Wi-Fi? If so, this guide may be of help.

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I will add that there are manufacturers that allow for dual SIM in the routers if you are in challenging areas. We use to have one (Cradlepoint) that was AT&T/Verizon compatible but we never really had to use AT&T so I dropped it. Now we are getting further out into rural spaces but the big thing is that Verizon service went to complete shite in Central Texas the day the released 5G… Coincidence? Pretty sure it’s not.

Hi Michael,

+1! Dual SIM router would be the most suitable device for such areas.


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