Best way to collect data for multiple static point

Hi all,
What is best way to collect data for post processing for a site where I have lay down 10 permanent points (within a 100x300 meter rectangle) for stockpile measurements.
Given that I will use them again and again over the next years, I would like to have them as accurate on as possible, but within the contraint that no more than 5-10 minutes should be spent collecting pr point.
Question now is, do I:

  • start base and rover at the same time, start raw collection on both at the same, let them warm up for 30-40 minutes, and then move around with the Rover, spending 5-10 minutes at each?
  • Start up both, warm up both, as above, but start/stop raw collection on the for each point ?

If the first option is the best, how do I split up the raw file afterwards, so I can use the Static option in RTKpost?

The reason for the question is that it seems, that it is not possible to obtain a Fix solution with only 5-10 min worth of data, sometime not even with 30-60 min of data.

Bring your best advice!

Bumping this one.

Hi Christian,

You can choose any of the proposed workarounds.

You can split the raw log in RTKCONV before converting it. Also, you can use a survey tool, that allows creating time marks, you’ll find them in CSV file after exporting project with points.

Could you please share you raw logs and Reach system report? I will look into it.

Thank you for your reply !
I have not yet received me RS+ units, so I have been trying out lots of different data from CORS stations with vastly different baselines.
I hope that the much reduced baseline I will be able to have using my own basestation can remedy this.

Hi Christian

15 minutes of static is usually required for L1 receiver (for baselines shorter than 15km).

However, with Emlid receiver and ReachView app, you can do stop & go (PPK with sites of few seconds or longer). If you run a log file without obstruction for 30 minutes, then all stop & go sites recorded can be computed to fixed PPK solution. You do not have to wait 30 minutes before recording sites, you just need a log file (unobstructed) with at least 30 minutes for PPK to converge (to fix).

If you use EZSurv post-processing software, it will read your sites information including the start/end time recorded with ReachView, and thus it will use the PPK results to compute a weighted average for each sites. With EZSurv you can output your sites position using the projection, datum and geoid of your Country.

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