Best settings for Central Europe

I have problems to get fix the gps signal. i think my gps is in a good position on the roof of my house.

what are the best settings you use? gps - glonass 1 hz 5/10/14 hz?

i send the base corrections over internet(tcpsvr) - today i tried base and rover on the same wifi - but i also get no fix…
(with 6 satelittes green).

can anybody send me a screenshot of settings that work?

Do you have Glonass Ambiguity Resolution set to ON or OFF?

Were the 6 green satellites all GPS? Only the GPS satellites can produce a fix and Glonass is considered in some way.

If ON:
I’m not sure what the minimum criteria is here. I would assume either 6 GPS or 6 Glonass would be required to produce a fix. Not sure if 3 GPS + 3 Glonass = 6 is good enough to get a fix. Maybe someone can clarify this for us.

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