Best RTK setup for emlid reach rs with emlid flow app

Good morning friends, I recently updated my reach rs and with the flashing all the configuration with which the equipment worked perfectly was deleted. I want to know what configuration you recommend since I try to put the previous data and not all the options appear. I am writing to you from Guatemala.
Thanks for helping.

Hi Mario,

The configuration depends on your use case. Do you have a single Reach RS and work with the NTRIP? If so, you can check this guide.

Or you also have the base, as I see from your previous posts on forum, and work via LoRa in Base and rover setup? If so, this guide may be of help.



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Hello, I wanted to see why the frequency 1000.1 does not appear with that configuration, the equipment worked very well for me. Which one should I use now?

Hi Mario,

LoRa radio has frequency range from 863 to 928 MHz, it’s shown on your screenshot. It doesn’t work on 1000.1 frequency.

LoRa frequency range is applied according to local restrictions. The app automatically recommends you frequencies available in your country. You can use any of them, but 868 MHz is one of the standard bands, so you can leave it.

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