Best practice to sync clocks of RS2 and embedded linux


I am developing a mobile vehicle that has a Jetson Xavier and a Reach RS2 unit.
I want to synchronize between timestamps on the Jetson and the logs on the Reach.
I assume there is a delta between the RS2/GPS clock and the embedded clock, what is the best way to do a synchronization between them?

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A common way is to use GPS (UTC time and PPS sync from NMEA). At least in the Lidar world when you dont have hardware that support PTP.
RS2 suppport NMEA and PPS output

I run ChronyC and GPSD on Ubuntu (Stratum1) with M2/RS2 (Stratum0) successfully.

Edit: After rereading your post i might have answered on a different matter.
I assume you try to synchronize core clock with an external device?

My vehicle has several sensor (cameras…), I capture data from them and attach a timestamp to each captured data point. the Reach RS2 is enabled on the vehicle and I use it’s raw logs to perform PPK. Later I use my timestamps to geotag my images.
To make sure that the timestamps of the Jetson and and the GPS logs are the same I want to sync their clocks or calculate their offset once at boot.

Ok so its ROS system with Jetson beeing the core controller providing trigger and timestamping for the cameras and RS2 provide the track and clock for the Jetson?
Anyways, to get the Jetson and RS2 synchronized, GPS NMEA (UTC time and PPS) is the way to go.
Not sure what accuracy you need but to get the timestamps and PPK log to line up, the above sync methode is what I would recommend

Thanks for the help,

The system isn’t ROS but close enough (python program).
Regarding the sync solution, you connect by the RS232 and PPS? or can you connect with the USB?

NMEA out works on both USB C or RS-232 port.
For PPS its RS-232 port only

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