Best LoRa settings to obtain FIX in wooded environment- RS2

I am using two RS2: one as base and one as rover. Base is located in an open field with clear sky and rover is used to collect points in a forest adjacent to the field. Most of the points recorded by the rover in the forest are Float, not Fix.

Have experienced users been able to get Fix recordation in wooded environments? If so, I am curious if experienced users would share their preferred LoRa settings for using the RS2 rover in wooded environments.

My apologies if this is a duplicate thread. If so, would you please point me in the direction of the correct thread?

Hi Zachary,

Could you please provide me with the raw data, position log, and base correction log from the rover and with the raw data log from the base? This guide should help you on how to get the files.


I really suspect the float solution is due to the rover’s satellite reception under the canopy, not correction reception from the base. There’s a reason why total stations are still useful.


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