Best long range radio telemetry with Navio2 - UK restrictions

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I am looking to create a long range drone in the UK controlled using Navio 2. From what I understand there are quite a few restrictions on radio and it looks as if I will be limited to 459MHz for radio telemetry and this then means using the RFD900 isn’t an option. I’ve had a look through the literature but still I’m unsure as to if 868Mhz is legal, can someone confirm?

If it is the case that only 459 is available, is there a clear leader in long range radio telemetry without going to commercial UAV prices?


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There is always a constant discussion on UK forums regarding legal radio usage. Many state that there are clear laws with heavy penalties regarding radio usage, and that the only allowed frequencies are 5.8ghz at 25mw and 2.ghz at 10mw. These are preposterously low.

However, having spoken to a local police officer, I learned that those frequencies are only recommendations, not even regulations. The officer I spoke to said that they have no way of monitoring what frequencies people use and told me that they pretty much only exist for preventing illegal radio transmissions above 50 watts of power. If you use the supposed illegal frequencies the worst penalty is a verbal warning and that only occurs if you have caused a repeated and significant disturbance. FPV and UAV equipment just isn’t powerful enough to cause any harm. Aircraft have powerful filters and pose zero risk.

Basically, as long as you are away from cities, you can use whatever you want at whatever power you want. I know a …friend… who has been using a pair of RFD900+s at full power for nearly 8 months now with no issues whatsoever. They phoned the local air traffic coordinator who couldn’t care less and local police officers with similar responses.

Thanks very much for letting me know this, very helpful!

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I actually just heard that there is a new radio called the RFD900X replacing the RFD900+, which should be released soon. Just something to consider. Best of luck!