Best-fit Reach integration - getting correctiondata from A to B

Hello Emlid users and site admins,

A quick question about best-fit Reach integration,
We have two Reach units (not RS), which we would like to use in the following two scenarios:

  1. Higher priority - using only 1xReach as Base to send out RTCM corrections.
    On the Rover side, RTCM corrections are received on proprietary software using serial cable.
    What would be the best way to send out these corrections from Base Reach (say up to 5km)? Radio? Other? Any practical (name and brand) recommendation would be much appreciated …
    Also, how do I receive the corrections on the Rover side and output them via serial cable? Need just the RTCM corrections input from Base …

  2. Using 2xReach as Base and Rover for setting up GCPs.
    We would like to use 1xReach unit as Base and one 1xReach as Rover to setup GPCs in an area with no connectivity – ie communications needs to be between two Reach units and over a fair distance (say up to 5km).
    Also, the setup should be as such to allow for best positioning possible without the need for Post-Processing (acknowledging real-time solutions drawbacks).
    What would be the best setup for such scenario?

Many thanks in advance for any input.


ReachView version: v0.4.9 with Reach image version: v1.2

Radio or over internet is both possible.
Better description her
And here
and many post on the forum if you search.
But this should cover the basic or this question

Either radio or wifi hotspot with internet connectivity. A phone or LTE router modem as hotspot works if you have phone coverage.

Recommende reading docs from the beginning.
Hope this helps

Many thanks TB_RTK!
Will dive into these links and see what I can come up with.
If looking at the first case – Reach Base sending out RTCM corrections to a Rover with serial connection. Could you recommend on a commercially available radio-to-serial receiver to connect on the Rover side? One that works with Reach Base …