Best budget Drone to pair with Reach RS+ and Reach m+

Part 107 pilot, currently have a Mavic Air 2s

I am wanting to get into roofing inspections and 3d mapping. Looking to figure out the best budget solutions to create precise maps. I know I need a GNSS solution and the Reach RS+ looks like a great way to eliminate GCP’s. What would you guys recommend? base P4p? p4pv2? Do I not need a Reach m+ as well with the p4p?

Theoretically you could PPK anything. You’re not going to get RTK geotags in the photos with any of these drones. The challenge is finding a good way to mount an M+. Actually the more challenging part is where to mount the antenna without getting too much interference or causing interference with the drone’s native GPS. I’ll have to get my 2S out but off the top of my head the only challenge is the small format and the fact that the battery is top-loading so there is less surface to mount to. I have some extra gear so I will take a look. Beyond that the P4P undoubtedly has the best camera for mapping but I have mapped my house several times testing the 2S and it does a pretty good job. I wouldn’t rely on it for grade-critical operations but for a quick 2D map and/or decent 3D model it worked pretty well using Dronelink and Litchi for flight.

Thats why I am asking about other budget drones to use instead of the Air2s(use this for capturing footage to sell as stock footage. Amazing video quality)

I would think the p4p would be easier to mount a m+ on? I have heard others talk about the tuffwing add on for the p4

There are a couple of kits for both the Phantoms and the Mavics but I would definitely pick a Phantom. The tuffwing kit works well and there is also one from metta technologies. I personally haven’t used the meta but it’s basically all the same components and not rocket science.

Hi Christopher,

The current workflow to use Reach M+ for PPK Mapping requires its connecting to the camera’s hot shoe. However, the DJI devices don’t provide hot shoe access, which makes straightforward integration impossible.

There are indeed some custom solutions, such as one provided by Tuffwing. But we’ve never tested them, so can’t be sure that it works appropriately and recommend it.

At the same time, placing GCPs is a reliable workaround for aerial mapping with DJI drones. It allows getting several centimeters of accuracy for your project as well. You can also check the Placing GCPs with Reach RS+ guide in our docs to learn more.

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