Best antenna with reach for agricultural use?

As title say what is the best antenna for agricultural parallel tracking with reach rtk?

The default one works just fine. Just place it on an large enough ground plane.

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I am no expert by any mean but wondering about is it possible to reach 2-5cm accuracy guidance at 10km/h speed with reach rtk and also is it possible to use with android tablet and guidance software like agribus( or efarmer(

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It should work if you connect Reach over Bluetooth. We are also preparing a package for parallel driving, but that will be announced later :grinning:


How large would you say a large enough ground plane for this would be? Would it be just the standard size, or is larger better?

Usually ground planes are effective in reducing multipath when diameter is more than the wavelength. So about 190mm. Making it even larger might not improve things but will make no harm.