Best Android App for Setting out with two Reach RS from existing AutoCADdrawing

Interested in best app for construction stakeout from AutoCAD drawings.

The drawings are using US state plane coordinates and feet and I would like to be able to stake out points directly without manually converting to Lat/Lon or UTM coords and ellipsoidal heights.

I would also like to use an Android device instead of Windows computer or windows tablet. I guess I could buy a Windows tablet - if that is the only way to go.

Apps I have seen are:

Mobile Topographer
Mapit GIS
AutoCAD Mobile App
Carlson SurvPC (Windows computer needed)
Field genius (Windows?)

Thanks for user experience from others using Reach for construction surveying.



The developer is very responsive if it does not meet your immediate requirements. Even if you pay for bespoke development it is cheaper than many others. And very capable


Thanks. I was hoping to be able to stakeout directly from AutoCad dwg files. Many GIS programs can read dxf and dwg files so I will give it a try and chat with the developer about adding that functionality if it is not already there.

I did read the help about generating mbtiles of a basemap, it seemed a bit complicated and adds busywork.

My other option is to use Carlson SurvPC with a windows tablet. That software is designed to do what I need to do.

I presently use my phone as the data collector but it is not great when I keep getting calls and texts.


From the MapIt webpage

At the moment supported formats are:

– Shapefile (zipped), CSV, KML, geojson for Point layers,
– Shapefile (zipped), KML and geojson for Polyline and Polygon layers

There are plenty of dwg or dxf to geojson converters around

Does anybody here have any experience with QFIELD?
This allows you to open up your actual QGIS projects in an Android application.

I don’t think you can layout points yet with it, but they are open for developers contributions. Just something I’ve had my eye on.

Connection over TCP also work between SuperSurv and Reach.
That is actually a nice feature. Less battery is consumed


Hi John, are you a land surveyor and/or familiar with the differences between grid and ground coordinates?

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Hi there,

The last post was pretty long ago :sweat_smile: But we have ReachView 3 now and recently released DXF support. It should be useful while working with AutoCAD. If you have any questions feel free to create a new topic!

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