Benewake TFMini to EDGE

Dear all,

I would like to add a TFMini ( with UART Interface to my EDGE Controller to measure the distance to the next obstacle. A possible application could be obstacle avoidance. Could you please tell me how to do so?
Thanks in advance.

You have to connect the TFMini to one of the Edges Uarts and do the configuration with Qgroundcontrol, following the ardupilot wiki for the TFMini.
Edge Uart pinout is in the Emlid docs. The TFmini and the Egde use the same type of connector, but the Edge Uart is 6pin and the TFMini 4pin. I used two cables with servo connectors on one side and connected them with double pins. Since a seperate BEC for the TFMini is recommended, I had an easy way to seperate power and data.


Hi Daniel,

In addition to Sebastian’s answer, I’d like to share the link to Edge pinout :slightly_smiling_face:

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