Beginners postprocessing RTK data

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We are just getting started using two reach RS+ units to survey in GCPs for drone mapping. We set up one RS+ as a base at our site and use the other as a rover, using the RTK quickstart instructions here: Base and rover setup | Reach RS/RS+. Our question is about how to post-process this data: we downloaded the CORS data from the nearest station. But we don’t understand how to combine the three sets of data (from the RS+ base, RS+ rover, and CORS) when post processing. When using RTKLIB do we use the rover data as RINEX OBS, and the CORS data as RINEX BASE? In that case, what if anything do we do with the RS+ base data? Are corrections from the RS+ base already incorporated in the raw rover data?

Thank very much for any advice.

RTKLib only handles 1 base setup. If you have other post processing software like Magnet Tools or Spectrum Survey then they can handle multiple bases setup & adjustments.
For RTK post processing, you want to have the base as close as possible to your rover. So I would suggest that you do PPK using your RS+ base/rover files. If some portions are missing due to bad signals then you may use the CORS data as a second base but you will get different results if CORS station is far from your project site.

that’s easy. the coordinates of CORS station is always known, if not , the accurate coordinates can be computed by PPP. then you get the coordinates of the base station by using RTKLIB.

Yes, the workflow for your base/rover at unknown points and when CORS data is available is:

  1. CORS as base + your base as rover = accurate PPK’d position for your base
  2. your base + your rover = accurate PPK’d rover positions

Thanks very much everyone, that’s helpful and makes sense! We’ll follow that workflow.

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