Beginner Questions

I have a few questions regarding software and ESC configuration, in addition to some advice for leads. I figured I’d ask here first because I already have an account here and y’all probably know what you’re doing!

  1. I have Afro HV ESCs. Is there an easy way to remove the engine leads without destroying the ESC? I’m trying to solder in new leads, but the old ones are joined to the board with the world’s most heat resistant solder I’ve ever seen. Should I just give up and use extensions instead of trying to solder in new leads?

  2. I want to test my motors from my laptop but can’t seem to find a software slider that will let me do that within the BLHeli suite. I would assume that this is possible from software, is it not? I have an ESC hooked up to my laptop via a programming stick. I figured this stick would be capable of sending a pwm signal to tell my ESC to tell my engine to spin up… right? I don’t own a transmitter or receiver at the moment so I need a software means of emulating a pwm signal as if it were coming from a transmitter. I could hook the ESCs up to the Navio2 and generate the signals there if I had to. I just am wondering if BLHeli or any other software package already offers this feature.

  1. I do not have experience with those particular ESCs, but sounds like your iron doesn’t get hot enough. The output leads are connected to massive planes on the PCB so you are heating those up as well, it can be very difficult sometimes. What I did for mine was to just get a set of whatever size bullet connectors those have and make some extension cables. Male on one end and female on the other, then it was a perfect fit and I didn’t have to mess with the ESC at all. Although if you are trying to shorten the leads then just disregard the above suggestion and go with a hotter iron.

  2. If you get everything hooked up to your Navio2 you can do a motor test from mission planner:

Hope that helps!

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It’s a nice iron, goes to 480 celsius, I was using a big tip, but like you said that ground plane probably did me in. I’ll just go with extensions.

Mission planner looks cool! I’ll go with that. I was hoping to do something with the laptop but hey, ya gotta do what you can with what ya got. Thanks for the help!

Sweet deal, happy flying!