Beginner - Just looking for some build advice

I am looking for some build advice

Hardware spec so far:-

F550 Alien Frame
6S 6600mAh Battery
Battery plug reducer
Power Cable Splitter
ESC Multi Star 20A

I’m looking for suitable motors that will plug into the ESC
Is using a battery reducer okay?

i was going to control through GPRS alone but i fear my coding skills are not great and im having issues at every turn.

Im connected to mission planner through wifi is there some sort of way i can get mission planner to control via radio with a laptop dongle?


I have the exact same Quad.

What is a battery reducer ?

First of all if you are new I have the following advise.

Forget the complicate stuff like controlling the quad with mission planner via dongles etc. Use the standard SIK radios to connect to mission planner.

Then get a 6 channel Radio with a PPM encoder or SBus Receiver and just fly it like that for a while and make sure everything works first.

Personally I do not like the C rating of that battery

Try these motors with a battery that has a 25 c rating or even this

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thanks barry for the reply

i didnt even know about the discharge rating, doh!

so my battery wouldnt discharge enough to supply the motor? also 6600mAh x 10 = 66A would i need 66A ESC?

just ebayed the motors on the first link, 25c 6S battery and 3dr radio set

The idea behind the low C rating Multistar batteries is, that a quad uses full throttle for short periods only. For hovering around you won’t need high discharge batteries. So the Multistar batteries are relativly lightweight with a high capacity.
The ESCs must much the motors not the maximum discharge rate of the battery.
For the RCTimer motors 20A ESCs should be enough.
RCTimer is a funny company. Suggesting 2-6S lipos and a 10A ESCs for a 530kV motor and providing a table with no 2S data and even the smallest prop/battery combo pulls close to 10A…

Yes that is a little bit of a head scratcher why they recommend a 2 S battery.

No I think it will but the problem with that particular quad is that if you want to fly it with the standard length arms that you will only be able to use 12 inch propellers and I do not know of a lot of motors that will swing 12 inch propellers for less than an average 12 to 15 amps in the hover. If someone knows of such a motor then please correct me.

What I like about the RC Timer 530kv motors is that they are affordable and can easily swing 12 inch props on either a 4s or 5s battery and you wont have issues with motors over heating as well as breaching the Maximum Wattage while at the same time keeping the Current draw well below 20 amps. seems to be a good choice according to; all values seem to stay in range with that motor and 1260props - if you manage a takeoff weight of 2500gr you will have about 15min hovertime!

Yeah but look at the price.

My setup

Spyder frame with standard arms

5S 25 C 5000 Mah Battery

530kv Motors

RCT 20 amp OPTO with SimonK firmware

12x 5.0 props

20 minutes flight time down to 3.5 volts

yeeah that’s true the price is really good and your frame seems to be good too; I was sticking with what stuff he already has;

@Jimmy_Hill could also go on using his 6s battery with the RCT 5010 - 530 and use 1045 Props with a hovertime of (depending of his frame 650 to 850gr without battery motors and esc) weight 17 to 20min;

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the “battery reducer” - i believe an XT120 to XT90 adapter is no problem at all; XT120 is for max 120 amp continoously - XT90 for 90 amps cont.!

As @panky and @Barry_Bolton have pointed out there are more than a few options. And I very much agree with Barry - You should start as simple as possible and work your way up to adding your own code. I would recommend a FrSky X9D Plus with X8R for TX/RX as the DIY and FPV community use it a bunch, which means solid integration support. E.g. plug the receiver in via SBUS to the Navio PPM/SBUS in port. You can also run MAVLink telemetry over FrSky telemetry via S port to the radio. Search the ArduPilot docs. Another good example of getting to know the system before you start to hack on it.

I think what you have so far will work fine for a general purpose trainer. At 6S on 12in props with a weight of around 2kg a 500-600 kv motor should be fine. Get comfortable with eCalc or similar tools so you can see what changing Kv, battery cells and props size does to your estimated numbers. Remember they are just estimates.

If you are already shopping HobbyKing I would bet they have a motor that will work. I am spoiled enough to get to run KDE’s so don’t have any specific recommendations. Once you have found something you like just drop in here and I am sure we can help.

I believe the “battery reducer” is an XT90 to XT60 adapter. If you are comfortable with a soldering iron you could replace the XT90 on the battery with an XT60 and get rid of the adapter. Just remember to solder one lead at a time and prevent shorts so you do not damage the battery or catch your work area on fire. Until you get to building really big heavy lifters I doubt you will need an XT90. And even then it’s more about the wire gauge rating than the rating of the connector. I use Anderson Power Poles rated on paper for 45 Amps, but again, that rating is more about what max wire gauge can handle per building codes which have little to do with our setup. Just search RC Groups for years of flame wars regarding Deans vs APP’s vs XT60. I like APP’s because they crimp and I prefer a mechanical connection over soldered whenever I can get it. Just a preference.

Anyway, what you have is a good start and the best way to really learn IMO. Nothing like building from scratch to learn how the systems works. Keep searching and reading and building.

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