Beautiful day for some drone mapping

Flying at the Taylor, Texas Samsung plant flying a topo for future development. RS2+ cloud NTRIP for chx and local NTRIP during the flight.


Hi Michael,

My first thought is that this clear sky view not only looks lovely but also should be great for catching a lot of GNSS signals :sweat_smile: Thanks for sharing!


We had 35 satellites 21 correcting! Fixes via local NTRIP were 30 seconds to a stable solution. It was pretty exciting because I usually have trouble with cloud NTRIP because of sketchy data out there but when I setup the RS2+ to collect my checkpoints it fixed before I could get it on my truck mount. I thought, “Oh this is going to be a good day.” Then I thought, “Maybe I can run the drone off the network?” Then I thought, “No! Do what works, local NTRIP.” 1.3cm/2.4cm residuals the whole day.


I usually do ntrip to the base and do a fixed average for 5 minutes and then in the reach panel I save the obtained coordinates for manual. Then I turn off the ntrip to receive and turn on to send in the emlidcaster to communicate with the autel rtk drone. The error values ​​I have are within what you mentioned 1.3cm/2.4cm . My question was if this way I do it is correct to get the best fixes for the drone or is it valid?

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Yes, that is pretty much what we are doing but I use a Verizon router for data so everything is already networked and has service at the same time. Instead of the manual coordinates you can pick the point you shot in Emlid Flow Base Settings. From my experience having the base on site cuts our residuals about 40%. Honestly it doesn’t show up a whole lot in post-processed data analysis but it is more resilient and less susceptible to false fixes. I regularly check the RTK against PPK and we have had less than 2% float since using this method. Before using corrections from the CORS network is was about 5%. Here again though it didn’t seem to make much of a difference in processed values but we’re hunting for every 0.1ft we can get.

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