Be really really gentle with the DF13 connectors!

Or otherwise you will have to get your soldering iron ready, like me!
I did hold the DF13 connector with two fingers and tried to push the plug into it, but those connectors are really tight, when there are new. End of story, I ripped the UART connector of the navio board. Future hardware should either have top down connectors, or some other kind of physical fixation, not only the solder joints.

We have chosen DF13 connectors for compatibility with existing hardware even though they require gentle use. What we usually do to our cables - using a sharp knife cut off the guides on the bottom of the connector. It lowers the insertion force.

Be careful, I have 3 different DF13 connectors at home, the right one wich enters with low pressure is on the Tuffwing cable and the original Pixhawk one, the others 2 comes from pixhawk telemetry and pixhawk OSD Chinese clones.
I made pictures