Battery Statistics

Hi I was looking for anyone with any good information on how to get some in-flight battery monitoring. I know that the UBEC that is sold alongside gives current and voltage; However, thats for the entire battery. I was wondering if anyone knew how to use an Arduino or even the Navio to analyze the balance connector on the battery for voltage statistics. Additionally, I was curious on how this data can be easily collected on the Navio and graphed later, from both the inline UBEC and the balance connector, so that trends can be seen in cell health/stats and trends in over all system power usage/draw can be seen. Also, would anyone know how to easily extract trends in rpm and thrust, I figure for RPM something can be derived from esc power draw and for thrust the barometer along with temperature and the derived RPM equation can later be used for a graphic analysis.

Thanks, any help is extremely appreciated.

Okay, If I extract total system power draw (amps and volts) then I should later be able to have the data compiled in a way that velocity and known AUW of flying copter to get thrust. (F=MA)

I could then do…


Where the total measured system power (T) from inline BEC for Navio, ® is the draw of the RPi and Navio at any given time, and (B) is the power draw from the BEC for servo rail, radios, etc.

Then compare thrust and real power draw for some decent estimates on thrust…
Seems like lightweight solution to get realistic results?