Battery reporting issue

Is there still battery reporting issues with the RS2+? My RS2+ was reporting roughly full battery, but then the next day refusing to turn on without being plugged in. When I did start to charge my device it went from no bars to 5 almost immediately. Logging into ReachView, it reported a state of charge of 99%, but a voltage of only 6.17V. Half an hour later, the battery was dead and the receiver shut down.
I charged up overnight and it seems to be behaving a bit nicer, but I’m having trouble trusting the battery status. I see on this forum that there were a number of posts similar to this a few years ago. Is this the same issue and it still hasn’t been resolved?

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Hi @chris.martin,

Can you please send a full system report of your Reach RS2+ to Let’s continue the communication there, as it may contain sensitive information.