Battery problem in a RS+ unit?

Hi everyone,

Recently I purchased 2 Emlid Rs+ units on Ebay. The base unit charged without any issue and it runs perflectly so far whereas charging the rover units is being hard if not impossible… let me paint a picture about the problem:

  1. Once connecting the unit using the usb conexion, the orange light doesn’t turn on right away. After 30-40 mins. the orange light turns on intermittently ( like running fine).

  2. After leaving the device charging 12 hours at least I disconnect the usb power and then I try to turn it on without getting good results, neither of the lights turn on at all.

  3. I charge the device once more and after waiting 30-40 mins. the orange light turns on again, so I push the power button and all the 3 light turn on whilst keeping the button press. As soon as I take my fingers off from the button, the 2 others light turn off and the orange one keeps running intermittently.

Now I reckon the problem has not anything to do with the button power since it is somehow working (step 3), thus the problem could be related with the battery.

Has anyone had a similar problem? I’ve read the forum seeking some answers but I’ve couldn’t get any solution until now. Perhaps I’d had to check whether the devices are still in warranty.

Thanks in advance!


What firmware are you running?

Thanks you for your prompt reply! To tell you the truth, I have no clue cause so far I haven´t been able to connect the device to the Reachview app as the unit doesn’t turn on, although the base unit ( which works fine) is running at the last firmware version, so I guess both devices are updating as well

You can send us serial numbers of the devices on We’ll check what we can do to help.


Thank you so much! I’ll let you know the info straight away!

I’ve been looking for some explanations about the problem I’m dealing with. As far as I know, the emlid rs+ comes with a circuitry which doesn’t allow you to over–discharge the battery. The point was the seller had to discharge both devices in order to send them to me.

The issue started from then on so… could it be the circuitry doesn’t recognise somehow there is a battery inside?

That has never been a problem for me. Running them to 0% have never caused issues. They have just booted up after charging them again.

You’re right! the other device works perfectly even though it also was discharged completely. Either way, I’ve just received and email from the Emlid support service and they’re gonna replace the unit, such a fantastic customer service! Thanks for giving me a hand anyhow!

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