Battery issue? Best practice for a fast and effective solution

Dear all,
two weeks ago I noticed that I cannot turn on My reach RS+ unit and the USB charging did not work (the red led blinked for days but the battery still remained discharged). I found on youtube some good tutorials for dissembling the reach rs and also in the Emlid forum some users describe the procedure and some trials to check the battery. However, fortunately, I am not so passionate about DIY so I preferred another way that I would like to share because, in my opinion, it’s absolutely the best solution that you might try.
The solution is very simple and can be summarized as follows:
SIMPLY CONTACT without trying to disassemble ANYTHING!

I followed such way, and in less than a week I can work again with a new unit.

Remember that it’s vital that you hadn’t tried to disassemble the unit before contacting them. In fact, if they proved that your Reach faced a rare hardware malfunction, they replaced it. If you had disassembled the unit, it would not have been possible to find out the initial root of the issue.

THANKS to the Emlid support team for your great availability and service, indeed. :wink:


Hi Daniele,

Thanks for such a warm response! Even though discussing difficulties is never a pleasure, I genuinely enjoyed chatting with you. If you come up with other questions about your Reach, feel free to write me :slightly_smiling_face:

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