Battery Gauge?

Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere else and I just couldn’t find it.

I am wanting to power my drone and Raspberry Pi/Navio combination off of a single LiPo battery. For those who have finished projects, how have you managed to get a sense of the charge left in an LiPo battery? Are people using the AttoPilot voltage and current sense board? If so how good is it? Is it relatively easy to translate the output data from those boards to a numerical percentage for how much charge is left in a battery? If so, in practice, how precise is that board? Thanks.

Im using power module which gives me pretty accurate capacity readings.

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I had to callibrate mine to get accurate readings. I had to adjust the BATT_AMP_OFFSET to get correct readings for lower currents. Now it is very good. My settings:


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Great, thanks for the replies.

@ogulbrandsen do you remember what the default parameter is for BATT_AMP_OFFSET, and what changing that value does exactly? How did you optimize it?

I think default is 0. I just played around with it until it matched my ammeter. Was using this one:

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Awesome, thanks!