Battery for reach M+/M2

Hi Emlid Community, I am buying a Reach M+ to attach on my UAV. It will be an independent circuit to register the precise coordinates in order to make a Post Processing Kinematics (PPK) integrating with the base station data (also a Reach M+).

I am building the same circuit for both Reach M+ (base and rover), and I need a Power Supply for each of them. I saw on documentation that the Reach M+, powering using JST-GH ports, needs 5v of power supply.

Aiming to compact the system, can I use a 2S LIPO (7.4v) or LIFE (6.6v) battery on each system? What is the indicated capacity to keep it on along 3 hours? Maybe 1000 mah?

Thanks in advance.

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We have had good luck powering M+'s and M2’s via USB with these.

We originally started with smaller 450mAh LiPo’s via the JST and they lasted a full day of flying (3-4 hours of flight) as well.

Thanks Michael by the link.

You got a very good performance flying 3-4 hours with a 450 mah LIPO battery. I think this setup is perfect due to small size.

Can you give me more information about the 450 mah Lipo battery? How many cells or what’s the voltage have you used?

My big doubt is if the reach M+/M2 handle with 6.6 v or 7.4 v.

A 2s (7.4v) is fine. Here’s the last set be bought.

Hi @alisondocarmo,

Please note that we recommend using a USB 3.0 or 4.75 - 5.5V source. The current consumption should be up to 200 mA. For further details, please check the Reach M+ and Reach M2 specifications in our docs.

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