Battery Charging Issue

I just got the RS3 unit and I have issues getting it charged. Once I plug it in, it stops charging after 4-5 min. The light blinks when charging and the white light just stay on and appears stuck. Connected to Emlid Battery panel and it does not show as charging ( after 4-5 min of charging). After 1-2 hour of charging, the battery is still on 1 light. I tried multiple chargers and USB-C cables and all give me the same issue with charging.

Let it charge over night

Hi @IEC27,

I agree with David, let’s check if the overnight charging changes anything.

If it doesn’t help, please send us the Full System report from the unit to, and we’ll check what’s going on there.

Appears the issue is resolved when I left it to charge overnight. Thank you all


Great news! If other questions appear, we’re always here to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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