Basic Work Flow to get Coords into GPX file and GIS software? QGIS?

So I just received my two Reach units and I want to test them out by surveying some parking spaces in my parking lot. I’m going to survey the endpoints of the inside edge of the white lines. I want to essentially generate two things:

  1. A CAD drawing with the edges of the parking lines by introducing two new endpoints for the other edge of the line by adding 4 inches (10cm - width of the painted line) to the existing two surveyed endpoints.

  2. Export all the points (4 points per line) as a GPX file (a standard WGS84 coord file in XML format)

Would greatly appreciate it if someone could “throw me a bone” as far as what the basic steps are and recommended software I will need. I prefer to use free software when possible.

QGIS is vey good for your application. You can export it in many formats (dxf, .shp and others)

Can’t you just add the 10 cm in the field with additional measurements and a scale? If you are not familiar to QGis or CAD that will save you a lot of time. Problems with accuracy exist in both variants.

Sometimes the extra bits you need to do are not worth sticking with free.

For less than a third the cost filling my car with fuel I bought Mapit GIS for android as my field data collector and stake out tool.

However why would you need to define the edges of the paint, in QGIS you can define that the line is 0.1M at map scale, define the end points as flat and just collect the centre points of the ends of the lines.

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