Baseshift for NTRIP

Can anyone confirm if it’s possible to apply the Baseshift method when connected to a CORS network, for example when a job might have been undertaken with a surveyors own base but now an NTRIP base station can be used and there is a slight difference in coordinates. Thanks all

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I can confirm that after some trials it appears that baseshift works pretty much in the same way. Probably not as it was intended but seems to work like carrying out a localization.

Does baseshift change the points in the project you are working on or does it change the position of the base?

No but it obviously applies a shift to points you collect from there on. In my eyes, it is pretty much a localization feature without calling it as such

Hi Brenton,

Sorry it was so quiet here for a long time! And thanks for sharing your experience.

Can you please tell me the datum your CORS uses and the coordinate system of your ReachView 3 project? I just want to understand your setup fully to comment on how it works.

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Hi Mauricio,

The base shift changes the current base position. That’s why after it is applied, the new points will be also collected with this shift. It doesn’t change the coordinates of existing points, though.

Hi Kseniia. I’m using GDA2020 MGA Zone 56 and AHD (Australian Height Datum).

Hi Brenton,

If you have a known point in GDA2020 / MGA Zone 56 on site, it should be possible to apply the base shift and obtain accurate coordinates in this CS. There’s not much difference between CORS and a local base station from this point of view. It’s nice that your experience confirms it.

But please be careful – base shift is not the same feature as localization. Localization needs several points to calculate the transformation parameters between 2 CS, while the Base shift uses only 1 point. So, it applies only a linear shift. The good news is that localization is in our roadmap :slight_smile:

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Hi Kseniia. Thanks for your response and I understand. Looking forward to localization.

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