Baseline distance

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The baseline is showing only a few meters when I think I am connected using the sim card. Should it be showing the distance to the station I am receiving corrections from. It is several kilometers away .
Also the position location and base location are shown as the same location. Do I have a setting wrong somewhere, it is as if the rover is talking to itself?

Are you sure that you are recieving regular station corrections and not virtual reference station (VRS) corrections?

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I assume that it is VRS, is there some setting I need to make?
Thank you!

I haven’t used VRS, but I know it just follows you around, however creepy that is :wink:


That’s typical behaviour I have observed with any make of receiver that is getting VRS type corrections.

The distance to “base” shown is only a few cm’s typically.

There’s nothing wrong with your receiver. Carry on.


Thank you, looks like we are getting good data, finding a data collector is next milestone.

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